The three keys to losing fat successfully are:
   > Weight lifting
   > Cardio
   > Nutrition


My goal is to help you not only lose the fat, but for you to learn how to keep it off. Fitness isn’t a one-time goal; it’s about sustainable changes to your overall lifestyle.




Step beyond arms and abs to achieve true total-body fitness


My strength and conditioning programs involve lifting circuits to activate all muscle groups. This combination burns fat and improves total-body strength -- especially in the core -- for optimum fitness.


This is ideal if you practice sports at any level, extreme sports, and for short or long distance runners.



Assisted stretching will improve your flexibility and aid in the recovery process


Recover faster from a long run, hard wokout!  Book after a class or as"me-time" during your recovery day.  


With my help, we will target those hard to reach muscles that need some TLC once in a while for you to be able to perform at your max.  




What you eat is probably 10x more important than how often and how hard you work out. 


Not only is nutrition key to fat loss, it is also essential in order to conduct an efficient workout routine.  Food is fuel for the body and the right nutrients will make a big difference in the way you perform, feel and live.  


We offer personalized nutritional assesments to help you find the right balance for you.  


Book your first consultation with us. 


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